Who We Are

The Nordique Consulting Group (NCG) is a sales and marketing consulting firm focusing on the synergy between sales and marketing. Incorporating the philosophy that they are not separate departments with separate goals, but one department after the same goal.

Ideal clients of NCG are companies of all sizes and industries that want to develop and execute a consolidated sales and marketing plan. We are not just “creative types”, we understand the sales end just as much. We believe something looking pretty is not enough. We always develop a plan keeping in mind how it will increase sales and how will we measure it. If it can’t be measured, we won’t do it.


  • Sales and Marketing Consulting

    Sales and Marketing should be looked at as one department in your company. We will help you if you are having issues getting the departments on the same page, getting them marching toward the same goals. We understand both so well, we can make sure your marketing group is developing the right campaigns and ensuring the measurement tools are in place to see the ROI on all initiatives. Everything you do should always tie back to the strategy and the goals you have for your company.

  • Sales Management

    If your sales team is not big enough for you to justify hiring a full-time sales manager or you just want an outside opinion on your sales infrastructure. We can help. With over 10 years of sales experience and than another 10 in sales management, we can help you get your sales team to be the most effective team they can be. Developing compensation packages that drive sales of what you want them to sell, goal setting and coaching are part of this service.

  • Social Strategy and Execution

    All of these social platforms can be overwhelming and while they are fun, it is difficult to know how to measure the activity on the social sites. We can help you develop a social strategy and create content calendars to ensure you have great content all the time. The key to social success is consistency and relevancy. We will make sure you are taking full advantage of this great social world we live in today. If we don’t have the resources to continuously post on these sites, we can even do that for you.

  • Media Strategy and Execution

    Creating a full media plan entails understanding your target market and figuring out the best medium to reach them. Today’s marketing can allow you to be very targeted in your marketing initiatives. We will help you decide which media outlets are the best for your goals, create a measuring stick to ensure we are right and even place the media for you if needed. Design and copy services are also available if you need help with the material.